Issues of Importance to NAFCA


    As the voice of the private freight car industry, NAFCA's efforts are focused in five key issues:


    (1) Private Railcar Safety


    (2) Private Railcar Economics


    (3) Private Railcar Availability


    (4) AAR Interchange Rules


    (5) Representation before public policy makers - Congress, STB, FRA


    Background Facts:


    Safety is of paramount importance to NAFCA members.


    Railroads have focused their investments on infrastructure and locomotives, resulting in their car fleets being inadequate to fill shipper requirements and necessitating that shippers provide their own equipment.


    Railroads do not have any tank cars available for shippers, nor do railroads have an adequate supply of higher cube and heavier axle cars that shippers require.


    Railroads use the AAR interchange rules as tools to shift risk to car owners and shippers.


    Notwithstanding railroads' inadequate supply of freight cars, they discriminate in costs borne by shippers and car owners vis a vis railroad owned cars.